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Trainer Talk Tuesday - Twin It Up Fitness

I know these ladies from the White Rock YMCA where they teach Body Shred, Body Pump, Cycling and maybe another awesome class or two and I admire and look up to them. I mean! Look at those abs!  Just like many of us, they have small children and busy lives, but they found a way to make their fitness a priority. They've always been active, from playing tennis in college to being fitness instructors, being active is in their blood, so it is natural for them to make fitness a career.  Dora has 2 daughters and Marta has 2 sons and they live in with their respective husbands in Dallas.
The bond these two have is undeniable, and they teach in very similar styles and I'll admit, I often don't know who is teaching the class unless I check the schedule. The support system they provide each other is an example of what all of us should seek in a friend: accountability and motivation (sometimes in form of a little competition) that you get from having a "swolemate."
They recently started a Facebook page and will post videos and workout tips to teach all of us how to maximize the workout time we have.  If the style they teach is any indication of the style of their videos, prepare to be out of breath!!
This interview was so much fun for me.  We sat down for a few minutes after their morning class was over, and before they had to run off to go get their kids from tennis camp. This is what they had to say.  My apologies if I confused your voice on the recording and mislabeled the answers.  In the end you're technically the same person, right? Just joking... I couldn't resist using a cute response from my twin nieces' friend when he got corrected from getting them confused.

How did your health and fitness career begin? Who had the idea first of becoming a health/fitness professional?
Dora: I would say it was me.  We were both in the banking industry to start and we both played tennis in college.  I didn't like doing the desk job.  I first got into because I was working out after college and a girlfriend pulled me into a group x class and she had the idea of getting certified. I wasn't very sure at first, I was really skeptical at first but I did it, loved it started it and then I was teaching before and after my corporate job.  Then a health and wellness director position opened at the downtown Dallas Y and I took that.  Then Marta moved here, and she was doing corporate, and I told her to get certified.
Marta: I kept coming to her classes in the morning, and she told me "If I can do it you can do it!" Dora taught me everything I know.  She's been teaching for 10 years.
Dora: she's a natural!
Marta: I have some of her genes, so... you know (laughs).
Dora: That is pretty much it.  We love to work out.  It is part of our nature.  We played tennis our whole lives, and we are always active and it is the natural progression from being a college athlete, to taking classes, then teaching them. We also love to motivate people.
Marta: It is also very social.  We get to meet with our friends’ everyday and it keeps you accountable because you have to be there.

What is your workout philosophy?
Dora: Go hard...
Marta: Or go home!
Dora: We both I think are the same.  But I am a believer of shortening your workout but making them a little bit more intense.  As moms we don't have that much time.
Marta: Interval training
Dora: yeah, interval training and not staying in the elliptical for 2 hours.  Just a do a 20 to 30 minutes hard workout.  You can do it at home; you don't need fancy weights or anything.
Marta: We know people that run marathons and they ask us why they cannot lose weight.
Dora: We do believe in HIIT
Marta: Especially for women because of cortisol and all that.  You can't stress your body like that. You have to go shorter.  HIIT intervals.
Dora: And strength training too, not just doing cardio.  That's another mistake women make.  They think weight training is going to make them big.
Marta: We believe in both, strength training and cardio, combining that. I guess cross training, changing it up, not always doing the same thing.

You are both pretty fit.  Is there a major twin competition going on?
Dora: We wouldn't lie.  It's not a competition per se. But...
Marta: We make each other better if anything.
Dora: If she says "I worked out" I am going to feel that I need to go workout too.
Marta: It kind of keeps you accountable. Just like a friend.  If you have a buddy system and she tells you she went to the gym 3 times that week you will feel that you have to get off the couch and go workout.
Dora: There's a friendly accountability.
Marta: We played tennis and we were always competitive and people had a tendency to compare us.  But is also made us better because if she beat somebody, that would bring up my confidence and I would beat them. Just the mentality of "if she can do it, I can do it." There's another set of identical twins that do yoga here at the Y, and if her sister can do a pose, she can too. It gives you that confidence as well.
Dora: I find that having a buddy (doesn't need to be your sister), helps with that as well.  It is a lot less scary going into an exercise class if you are laughing with your friend.
Marta: If you can do it with someone, it helps you.

As an advice for all the moms out there, how many times a week one should workout in order to see results?
Dora: 5 times.  Short but 5 times a week.
Marta: Being a mom alone is a workout.  If you are at the park playing with your kid, you are being active.
Dora: I'm not saying go to the gym.  Take that 15 to 20 minutes at home and do your exercise.
Marta: Do your push-ups, your poses; you don't have to go to the gym as moms are busy.  Find those 20 to 30 minutes for yourself.
Dora: And another thing I want to make sure I say, there's that nutrition component.  It is not just working out.
Marta: You can't work off a bad diet.
Dora: Yeah, that is a great point.  I do believe that. So focusing on nutrition as much as your workouts.
Me: Many people rely on the thought "I'm working out, so I can eat whatever"
Dora: Oh yes, and that is a big problem. Sometimes people are thinner when they don't go to the gym because they don't give themselves that excuse to eat.  They think "I was on the elliptical for 30 minutes I can eat that burger.  That is not true.
Marta: That is biggest problem
Me: I do feel that I am thinner when I don't come to the gym, not because I eat badly, I just eat more.
Dora: I do tell people, working out does stimulate your hunger.  So it is important when you're working out to fuel up on fiber and foods that make you feel full.
Marta: And it is not elimination, it is substitution. People think they have to eat less; it is just eating better things. You don't have to eat less.  Just better.
Dora: Because you will get hungry.  If you workout and don't eat right away, your body will become ravish
Marta: Eat protein!
Me: I feel like I'm always trying to catch up on calories after that killer Monday morning spin class! I'm always hungry.
Marta: And then 4 o'clock hits and you try to eat everything in sight.
Dora: That's why it is important to eat your protein no later than 30 minutes after that hard spin class to satisfy your body. Plus, I also believe in meal prep, and having the good foods ready in your fridge.  Always having those healthy options available.
Marta: Make a big tabouli salad that will last 3 or 4 days
Dora: Because when you workout like we said you should be doing, you are going to get ravenous. You have to have those healthy options, like hard boiled eggs, or drinking a smoothie, having all those choices really readily available.
Marta: and you are not going to have the time to make tabouli after you workout and you will make bad food choices. People often don't believe we only workout 1 hour day.

What other advice would you give moms out there about diet and exercising?
Dora: We teach usually a 45 min class, and some days we teach a second 30 minute class, that's a little over an hour. You should work up to that, don't start doing too much in the beginning and get too exhausted and give up.
Marta: Just start slow.
Dora: Don't become obsessed! There are some people that are at the gym for 2-3 hours. That's too much!
Marta: You can't keep that up, so what's the point of doing that? Don't be so hard on yourself. Give yourself a break.
Dora: And I know you talk about post pregnancy body.  It takes 9 months to gain the weight.
Marta: Give yourself at least 9 months postpartum to lose it.
Dora: I gained 50 lbs with both my daughters. It was actually the first time I had to lose weight in my entire life.  Hormones are a big thing for women, so in order to lose the weight your body has to balance out again.
Marta: And crash dieting is not going to do it for you.
Dora: Your body needs to feel safe and balanced before it allows you to lose the weight. If it doesn't feel safe it is going to hold on to weight just like when you were pregnant.
Marta: People read those magazines where Giselle (Bundchen) was back in 3 months.
Both: That's not realistic!
Dora: That's why sleep and nutrition is so important for women because of the hormones.  It is not just working out.
Marta: And we try to keep it as organic as we can.

What is one thing you wish you did differently in your fitness journey that you can share with us?
Dora: As a mother, I have a big one.  After I had my babies, I found myself being depressed about my weight gain and I felt I pressured myself to lose too fast.  When looking back on it I should've just relaxed and realized exactly what we said earlier; it takes 9-12 months to get there.  Be easy on yourself. As a female the hormones got me even 12 months out I would get migraines that I never gotten.  Your body is just shifting.
Marta: I feel that I sabotaged myself too.  The more negative I am, the more bad stuff I want to eat. If you start your day with a workout it makes you positive for the rest of the day and you even make better choices and you eat better.
Dora: I won't lie; I was looking at those images on Pinterest and was wishing I had their body, just feeling really bad wishing I was back in shape.  I look back at that I think I shouldn't have been so hard on myself.  I should've just enjoyed motherhood and appreciate my body and what it just did, which is a miracle.
Marta: I look at people with a 4 month old and they are desperate about losing the weight.  I always say: "it's ok, you have time! Your body will bounce back." It is not a permanent thing.
Dora: Well, I mean... if it's been 3 years and you haven't lost any weight you probably need to change something.
Marta: Give yourself a year.  Even two!

What are your top Tips on health, fitness or life you can leave readers with?
Marta: It's a lifestyle.
Dora: Don't do diets. Keep it realistic.  Make realistic goals.  If your schedule doesn't allow for 3-5 days at the gym it's ok.  So you don't set yourself up for failure and you just quit!
Marta: Do something you can maintain.
Dora: Workout even when you are at the park with your kids.  You don't need to make it to the gym.  Look for videos online.  There's a ton of those out there.
Marta: Workout for health, not just for weight loss.  You'll be more successful if you have that mindset.
Dora: And it is really shocking that your kids LOVE to workout with you.
Marta: They LOVE IT!! It's like you're being a great mom AND working out.  We do burpees with our 5 year olds and they giggle the entire time.  It is so much fun to them.

What is your favorite motivational quote you'd like to motivate the reader with?
They both agreed on the same quote below. I love this one very much. Isn't it so true!?

As you can see, if they didn't have to go to pick up their kids at tennis camp, we could have gone an entire afternoon talking about health and fitness.
Checkout their Facebook page Twin It Up Fitness or follow them on Instagram @twinitup_fitness.  I know you will like it!

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What is the WheresAMommy Community?

WheresAMommy Community is where moms come together to inspire each other to get our bodies back.  Having kids does not mean you can give up on being yourself! Yes you are busy, yes you have responsibilities as a mom, and yes can still take care of yourself! 

I love to see your workout pictures on Instagram.  Follow @wheresamommy on Instagram and hashtag your best workout pictures with #WheresAMommycommunity and #Wheresamommy.  The best pictures will be featured on our Instagram.

You can show us where you exercise... 

You can show how you include your kids in your routine...

You can show us closeups of your workouts...

There are a few rules about what will not make the cut.  This community is not for advertising any network marketing such as Shakeology, and related products.  I get it, I do network marketing as well, but this community is to showcase moms getting fit and having fun doing it.  When  you tag me and use the community hashtags and I see pictures worth sharing I will certainly feature your post and tag you on it!

Most importantly, make sure that you use the hashtags #WheresAMommyCommunity and #WheresAMommy to let us know you are part of the community. 

See you on Instagram!!!

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30-30-30 Push-Up and Squat Challenge

We are all busy moms, we all have way too much on our plates with kids schools, end of year programs and now with summer starting camps and various activities to entertain the kids at home.  But if you're like me, you still want to think of ways to get fit and get your body back.  It is summer, but so what.  It is not too late to start getting in shape, it never is.  Are you doing this for yourself or for other moms to be jealous of your bikini body? Well, it can be both, but you gotta get to work right now.

I was talking to my bestie at the gym yesterday and she was telling that she used to do 30 push-ups and 30 squats a day before having kids.  So I thought why not do a 30 Day, 30 Push-Ups and 30 Squats Challenge? I have seen challenges out there where you increase the number of sets each day and you end up doing 3000 push-ups and 10000 squats.  That's not my goal here; I couldn't take the time to do 100 push-ups a day at the end of 30 days.  No way!!! I have kids, they need to eat dinner, they need to be bathed and my house needs daily picking up.  I am a mom! So ideally, I would start small and end with a whopping number of push-ups and squats and win a medal for my hard work.  Realistically, I am busy, you are busy, we are all busy, so I thought my friend’s number of 30 push-ups and 30 squats was pretty reasonable.  


Start today or wait until the beginning of the month, it doesn't matter when you start it, the important is to start.  

Start small if you want, do 10 of each in the morning, then 10 in the afternoon and 10 at night. Cannot do push-ups on your toes yet? Do them on your knees at first and try a couple on your toes, increase the number as you go.  Be honest with yourself.  I started mine today and I couldn't do more than 10 push-ups at the time.  I'm up to 20 as I write this.  I need 10 more to finish for today. Easy? Not like a piece a cake or anything like that, but doable, for sure!! Then you can increase to 15 each twice a day and by the end of the month you should be able to knock out 30 each in one sitting.  Notice I don't have fancy charts to show you how many to do a day because it is simple.  Do 30 push-ups and 30 squats a day for 30 days, period!!

Why push-ups and squats? Because you can do them anywhere, wearing whatever clothes, with just your body weight.

I wanna see your pictures! Share it on Instagram and tag @wheresamommy with hashtag #30DayPushUpSquat 

Just so you know, by the time I finished posting this (you know I got up 1000 times to tend to my kids while writing this) I had also finished by last 10 push-ups and squats.  All done of today!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Want It Wednesday - Mother's Day Edition

1. Athleta Skorts, because every mom I know loves to wear comfy clothes, even when not at the gym // 2. Hard Tail Leggings, loving the tie dye and the cute cut out on the sides // 3. L Spade Bikini Top, I love the sporty look of these.  The bottoms are just as cute // 4. Level 3 Active Give More Live More Slouchy Tee, I've been looking for a lose fitting top to wear over my workout clothes.  What I also love about this one is that portion of the proceeds from the sale of the top goes to Breast Cancer Awareness in honor of the brand founder's mother // 5. SiDI Cycling Shoes, I've been spinning more lately and I've been hearing I need to invest in cycling shoes so I can get more out of the workout.  These ones are cute and on sale! // 6. Madewell Holepunch Transport Tote, like any good mom, I carry a bunch of stuff around.  This big tote is light, durable and so stylish!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

That's How I Roll!

You have probably seen tons of people rolling on them at the gym.  You have probably seen tons of those rollers for sale at department stores.  Have you ever considered adding it to your workout routine?  I really think you should. 
And yes, it might hurt a little bit when you go over some knots, but you will love the changes you will notice on your body with consistent practice of foam rolling.  No matter if you choose to add it to the beginning, as part of the warm up, or at the end as part of the cooling down. The important thing is to keep doing it.  Mix it up, try before and after and see which you prefer.    

Before hitting the gym for your next workout session check out the 5 benefits of using a foam roller:

Rolling quads - you can do them both or separately

1. Reduces cellulite/firmer skin: When you consistently use the foam roller in conjunction with your exercise, you might start noticing that the skin on the areas you are rolling feels more youthful and with cottage cheese appearance.  That’s because when you apply pressure to your body parts thru rolling, you increase the blood circulation.  When your tissues get more blood they are happy.  This is a big one, and I know that your body changed in many ways after having kids, and even if cellulite wasn't a problem before, it is very likely you have them too.

Rolling glutes*

2. Helps reduce lactic acid: sore from yesterday’s workout? Can’t even sit on the toilet without letting out some major cuss words? That’s lactic acid that got trapped between your muscles. It is a good thing because that means you worked out right and fibers of the muscles got tiny tears in them.  Now they are rebuilding stronger.  But does it have to hurt so bad? Actually not.  You can use the roller after your workout and help your muscles flush some of that out by massaging your body with the roller.

Rolling side glutes

3. Increases mobility and flexibility: flexible muscles are strong muscles, so by using the roller, you increase your chances of doing better and harder workouts.  In addition, your mobility might be better because your muscles feel rejuvenated and not as achy. How many times have you gotten discouraged during a workout because you feel limited to what you can do. 

Even calf rolling is good!

4. Helps prevent new injury: this one goes along with the previous benefit.  Using the foam roller as maintenance of your good physical condition will help you prevent future injuries.   My chiropractor said once that muscles like pressure, so if you apply pressure on your muscles you will release the tension and therefore be less likely to injure that muscle.

Rolling lats - you can also roll your arms (not shown)

5.  Helps break up scar tissue: you may be able to break up some scar tissue you didn’t even know you had that was formed from a healed injury. Because your body is essentially being massaged, it will move and break away those adhesions. 

Rolling upper back*

Ready to try it as part of your next workout sesh?  You will find yourself looking forward to the massage.  It does hurt good once get used to it.  Just keep in mind these 4 tips to get the most out of it:

1.  Don’t roll directly on a sore spot: When you find a really sore spot try shifting the position to one side or the other slightly and hit that area from the side.  Rolling directly on it is no better and it might hurt you more than help you.

2.  Go slow: Really take your time.  Each movement should be very controlled.

3.  Spend only a few seconds on each area: Huh!? You just said go slow!? Yes, go slow but don’t spend hours in the same spot.  I usually just do 10 reps on each area and move on. 

4.  Don’t roll your lower back and abdomen: That’s where important vital organs are housed, including your spine.  You don’t want to mess with that!

Now you’re all excited about trying the foam roller and the question is: should I use the smooth or the bumpy one? Think of it this way, the smooth one is a light Swedish massage, the bumpy one is a deep tissue massage.  Many days I use the bumpy one, I personally like how it feels.  Only sometimes when I want to take it easy I use the smooth one, especially if I’m using it on my upper back.

If you'd like to have a foam roller at home check out the links below.  Those are the ones I use at home and love them.

* Notice that even though the roll goes on the lower back in the picture, I'm not going over the kidneys (close to the love handles).  Just be careful and not roll there because you don't want to injure any part of it.  You'll know when to stop if it feels funny.