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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Vacuum For Moms

I vacuum when I bend over to pick up a toy on the floor, I vacuum when I drive, I even vacuum when I vacuum.  As silly as this may sound, I really do it.  And you should too. Vacuum exercise is a tried and tested method many body builders use to use back in the day (think Arnold Schwarzenegger when he use to be one) to get those really skinny waists despite the massive muscles they displayed elsewhere in their bodies.  It is not as popular nowadays but it is a very powerful tool for us moms to cinch our waists back down after carrying our babies in the womb for 9 months and overstretching our abdominal muscles to the point you think you are going to pop.

If you Google vacuum exercises for body builders you will see some scary stuff. This exercise for body builders was made famous by a guy named Frank Zane and it looks like this:

Wheresamommy Vacuum Pose Body Builders

Cool, right? I'm telling you right now, there's no way I can get my stomach to look sucked in like this yet.  I've tried, but it is SO HARD to do.  However, I will tell you that you will benefit from practicing the beginners pose (and then adding the challenge as you get more confident) from the start. If you practice and are able to properly do it (like the picture above) let me know.  My version is adapted for everyday life and on the go practice.  You will notice your midsection whittle down within a few weeks.  The caveat here, you have to practice it.  You can't expect to have a tiny waist by doing this once.  Remember, you have to be consistent. 

The science here is that you will work two parts of your body that had to give out in order to support your growing bun in the oven.  One is the TVA (transverse abdomini muscle) and the membrane that connects all the muscles together (it has a very complicated name - thorocobular fascia - you just need to know what it does).  When you do the vacuum exercise properly you attack these two problems from the inside and end up with a skinny mini waist.

How to Get Your Flat Belly 

In all 3 moves below, breathe with your diaphragm.  Expand your belly and rib cage with an inhale, on the exhale, bring your belly button to your spine and contract your abdomen muscles. To start, hold the exhale (or belly button to spine) for 20 seconds.  Increase to as you go along.  After you get a hang of it, you don't have to hold your breath anymore.  You can keep muscles contracted but breathe through it. 


Hold exhale for 20 seconds to start

Intermediate (the known and loved Cat/Cow from your yoga class) 

Hold exhale for 20 seconds to start

Vacuum on the Go
You can do this last move anywhere you are.  Sitting in the car at pick up, folding laundry, making dinner, anywhere! You certainly don't have to be sitting on your feet for this last move to work.  I just needed to be sitting like this to fit in the picture.

Hold exhale for 20 seconds to start

Vacuuming for moms - Take your vacuum to go

As you already know because you read my first post (wink, wink), my mom used to tell me when I was a teenager to engage my ab muscles and "suck my belly in" all the time. I heard her. I do that frequently and it has become a habit of mine.  Now I don't think about it.
I'm always working on something. Be it kegels when I'm driving, or vacuuming when I'm vacuuming.  I'm always trying to improve myself.
I know your life is busy, I get it, I'm a mom too.  I know it is hard to try to remember to do kegels (those your OBGYN has told you to do every time you are at a red light), and now I'm telling you should be constantly pulling your belly button towards your spine?  Do you want a flat belly? Do you wish there was something simple you could do to solve the protruding belly? You know where I'm going, right? You have to do the work to see the results.  Sticking with it is the best way to see results. Just reading about it will not improve the appearance of your six-pack.  You can do it right now! I am doing it...
Set a reminder on your phone, try to make a habit of doing the vacuum exercise it in the car.  A few seconds to start with, increase it as you go along.  True story, I have an app for kegels that counts 10 seconds to squeeze and 10 seconds to relax and every time I get in the car I set it, as soon as the timer beeps, my son wants to know what the exercises I'm doing are for (he had asked me before what that noise was and I said I was just doing some exercises). I don't need a timer for the vacuum exercises and I do it right after kegels are done.  It doesn't matter if you are a new mom or has had your kids a while back. Anyone can benefit from doing it.
Do it consistently for a month and let me know if you feel the difference.  Take a picture before you start and another a month later.  Show the results on Instagram and tag @wheresamommy with the hashtag #vacuumexercise.  Are you ready for the challenge?

Disclaimer: I'm not saying you will lose weight by doing these exercises.  You will notice change in your abdominal muscles! I just want to be clear because to lose fat you will have change diet and exercise. This exercise is to compliment the program you are already doing.  Just saying!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lower abs exercises - little bit more challenge

I wanted to share with you some lower ab exercises that are a little bit more challenging and are a great way to add progress to the first and second routines I have previously posted for closing your diastasis recti gap.
Feel free to add these to your exercises and mix and match with any of my past posts.  Just be mindful that if this is your first time visiting my blog and you are trying to lose the mommy pouch you need to evaluate your DR gap first

Lower/Side Abs - Knee Punch

getmybodyback getyourbodyback wheresamommy
Knee Punch

You can use either the bench at the gym for this exercise or a mat at home.  Just make sure you have something to hold on to behind your head (I've used the bottom of my couch before, you just need something to put your hands under to support your body when you bring your legs up).  While lying flat on your back, hold on to the chosen support and with feet crossed and knees bent at a 90 degree angle, raise your bottom from the mat/bench by punching up with your knees and twisting to one side.  When lowering to starting position let your knees go past down the 90 degree stage towards your feet just a little bit.  Alternate sides.  Start with 10 reps on each side and add more when you need challenge.

Side Abs - Bosu X Scisors

Lean your back against a Bosu ball with your bottom almost touching the floor but not quite, position your feet on the floor with your knees bent and a little bit wider than hip width apart (you'll have to find the most comfortable position for best balance).  Position your hands on the floor with arms extended to your side.  This is the neutral position.  To start, extend your right leg out to the side just a little wider than original position and lift it to meet your left hand up on top (the leg is straight for this move). The leg does not go up and down towards the middle, but towards the side.  The secret here is to think of your body as an X and extend your leg to the side and your arm back as you complete the movement.  I'll try to get a better shot of this exercise to show you how it flows.  Start with 10 on each side and add reps as they start to feel too easy.

Different angle so you can see the proper let position:

Lower Abs - Jackknife

My friend Amy showed me this one and it has become one of my favorites because I really feel my abs working.  This is a tricky one to set up and thank goodness for videos, but I'll try to tell you what I'm doing here.  You basically start on a plank position with your shins on a stability ball.  As if you had a magic string pulling your hips up, use your core to bring your feet close to your chest while your legs are straight and lift your hips all the way up, almost to a handstand.  You will need to adjust your feet a few times until you are comfortable for this exercise.  That's one rep.  Do as many as you can, this one is a toughie! The stronger your core the better balance you will have.  It is hard in the beginning, but practice makes perfect, right!?


Hamstrings/Core - Stability Ball Bridge

If you see me at the gym you probably have seen me doing this exercise many times.  I love to combine this exercise with my must do leg workout.  Lay on the mat with your feet on the side of the stability ball and your knees on a 90 degree angle and your hands resting by your side next to your hips.  Without moving the ball (this part is the balance challenge of this exercise) raise your hips while squeezing your glutes to where you are on a high bridge position.  Lower back down and repeat 12 times.  As always, add more reps as needed. 

Feel free to ask questions.  Hope the videos help you find the proper form, which is very important!!

Equipment used 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Is a Waist Trimmer worth it?

Have you ever seen those waist belts people put on to exercise that promise to make you lose fat and shed inches of your waist? Those belts come in many names like waist trimmer, waist band, workout belt and waist trainer.  I have been using one while I work out for years now.  But I don't use it with the purpose to lose fat. That will not happen by simply wearing a waist band, but I will tell you why I wear it.

The belts don't make the fat melt
At one point I did think that wearing a belt around my waist would help melt fat.  You can burn fat cells, but only doctors should do that with lasers and approved devices (or dieting).  My friends at The Skin Care Professionals have good information on innovative treatments like Reaction and CoolSculpting that can get rid of fat without dieting if you are interested.  Back to the belt, after wearing it for a while, I started researching what the benefits of the waist trainer were and I found out it is a myth that you can burn more fat just by wearing the band while working out. You might notice your waist smaller if you take the belt off after a good workout session, but all likelyhood you lost water thru sweat.  That is ok if you drank plenty of water as well.  You would not want to get dehydrated because of it.  If you are on a good path and you are eating a healthy diet and exercising, you can notice progress.  Just keep in mind it is slow and you just have to stick with it.  That is the hardest part, isn't it? 

Why I still wear it
You might think I'm crazy for wearing it if it does not do what it's promised.  But truth is I wear it because I want to train my muscles to stay in place when I am working out.  Now that I am 2 years removed from pregnancy I have moved on to more challenging exercises.  If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen my little motivational video snippets.  In time I will also post here my favorite workout moves that have helped me get my body back after having kids.  So when I do crunches and other core exercises I like to have the waist trainer on to help me remind to keep my abs engaged and pull my belly button towards my spine.  That way, I will not force my muscles out and cause my belly to protude out again.  It is possible  to revert the progress you have made to close the diastasis recti by forcing your abs out during an exercise, so make sure to do them correctly. Basically I use a belly wrap to serve as an external girdle that will keep my internal girdle (my abs) in place.  A word of caution though, don't wear it all day all the time.  It is just to aid you during exercise.  Wearing it for extended periods of time might actually cause more harm than good by weakening the muscles because you are relying on an external form of support and not using your muscles to do it.

My favorite waist trimmer belt

Go for it, but keep a few things in mind
* You are not supposed to wear the waist band 24/7.  It should be worn only during workouts to help you be aware of keeping the proper form.  You want your muscles to do the work too, so they get toned and you look better.  
* Don't expect to burn extra fat as a result of wearing the belt.  Proper nutrition combined with exercise will cause you to lose weight.  Not a belt.
* If you wear a waist trimmer belt be sure to drink plenty of extra water.  You'll sweat a lot more due to the heat created by the belt.
* Ladies have been wrapping themselves for centuries to create an illusion of smaller waist.  You can look your best by wearing one a few hours a day and still have your freedom for the rest of the day.  Isn't that the best of both worlds? 

I hope you get some good results by wearing a waist trimmer belt combined with the proper post pregnancy workouts.  Feel free to share your results with before and after pictures and tag #wheresamommy.

Shop for them here

Monday, July 20, 2015

Work those abs without crunches

So now that you have tried the other exercises, I want to add a couple more that are still in the same category of easy but effective.  The more you work on those muscles the quicker the results will be. The good thing about these moves is that you do not need to go to the gym to do it.  All you need is a soft surface like a yoga mat or your living room area rug.

Modified table top

Starting position
Start on a table top position. With your knees under your hips and your wrists under your shoulder and a straight spine relax your belly muscles so your "pooch" hangs down.  Your spine should remain straight here, only your abdominal muscles relax.

Pull belly button towards spine
With your spine still straight, pull your belly button towards your spine so that you contract your abdominal muscles.  This exercise is an added challenge as gravity adds some resistance when you contract your muscles.  Return to initial position, repeat 10 times.

Table top with leg and arm raise

Starting position
Start on a table top position. With your knees under your hips and your wrists under your shoulder and a straight spine.  

Add leg and arm raise
During an exhale, raise one leg and the opposite arm simultaneously as shown in the picture above.  Keep your raised foot flexed and contract your abdominal muscles to strengthen your core.  Repeat 10 times each side.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I want my body back

Two pregnancies later I can say I am starting to feel happy with my body again.

Having kids is one of the most beautiful events in life, but one of the hardest and the most taxing on a female body.  You find yourself loving these tiny human beings more than you could ever imagine and your life becomes a chaos of baby bottles and spit ups, swimming lessons and carpools.  In the middle of all you find yourself looking back at pool party pictures from a pre-baby era that once represented the life you lived.  Those same pictures have now been replaced with images of cute dirty faces of your baby learning to eat at dinner time.  You think to yourself: Oh my! I used to have a flat belly! What happened!? I’ll tell you what happened.  Pregnancy takes a toll on your body and you look down and you see stretch marks, lose skin and worse of all, the mommy pooch. Furthermore your pelvic floor is weak, you are fatigued all the time because of the sleepless nights and if you are anything like me, you feel the pressure to be back to your pre pregnancy weight/body not feeling good about yourself. You end up being a mom. That’s it.  All is not lost though.  It takes time, it takes self love and some extra care.  With some good tips and exercises things start going back in place and you feel a little closer to your old self again.
There are a couple of things I wanted to share with you that I learned about my body.  I think you’ll find them useful as well as on your journey to getting back in shape.  Let’s start with two big issues most post baby bodies that should not be ignored - pelvic floor muscles weakness and abdominal muscles separation.

After having kids, I used to pee when I sneezed or coughed – embarrassing to say the least!  Pelvic floor weakening happens to all of us.  Yes, they say Kegel exercises are necessary and you should do it every time you are at a stop light. I agree, but to regain your floor muscles strength you need just a little more than that.    
What you don’t hear much is that weak floor muscles can lead to constant UTIs and later in life serious dysfunctions.  Pelvic floor muscles provide support for various organs in men and women.  Uterine prolapse, urinary incontinence, constipation, all happen due to weakened floor muscles.  Doing Kegels correctly will help you strengthen those muscles and avoid future complications. Not to mention the added bonus of better s-e-x.

How to properly do Kegels 

You’ve been doing Kegels wrong all along. Here is how you regain strength in your pelvic floor muscles.  While sitting or lying down on your back, contract your pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds as if you were stopping the urine stream – Your abdominal muscles should not move during this exercise.  If you find that you are moving too much of other muscles you can try to find the pelvic floor muscles while actually urinating by trying to stop the stream.  Then relax for 5 seconds - push out slightly as if starting to have a bowel movement.  Repeat 5 times. Once you have mastered 5-5-5, then you can up the seconds and repetitions to 8-8-8, then 10-10-10.  It is important to relax for as long as you squeeze for these exercises to more effective.  Do this at least 2 times per day. You can still do the short ones squeeze 1 second, relax 1 second at the light in addition to the long ones. To make it easier search for Kegel apps.  Yes, they exist.  And they make your life much easier with reminders and timers and sound cues to squeeze and relax.  I usually do mine on the way to or from somewhere, in the car, while answering the “why” questions.  I’m happy to report that I no longer have to cross my legs when I feel a sneeze coming.

My once flat belly is now protruding out even after I lost almost all the weight – I remember looking at a picture of a pool party I went to before my husband and I decided to start having kids.  My stomach was so flat then.  The muscles were not stretched out.  I did not have a mommy belly. I remember thinking.  I don’t want people to know I have kids just by looking at my belly.  Once you have kids of your own, you start to learn to identify the other women who had babies.  Even if they are slim you can still see the muscles look different.  I want people to know I am a mother because they see me with my kids or because I proudly told them of the silly things my kids say or do.  And when they learn I am a mother I want to hear “Oh wow! You look amazing!”
After my son was born my husband gave me as a gift work out sessions with a trainer. I looked fit but I still wasn't happy about stomach. I knew I was going to get pregnant again but I thought after all the workout and abs I was doing my abs were going to look amazing.  They didn’t look bad, but not as good as I thought they should be.  Since I became pregnant again when my son was 10 months I didn’t investigate further to see what else I could do.  Within a year of having my second I was down to almost my pre pregnancy weight.  I had a few more lbs to go but I again, I wasn’t happy about how my stomach looked.  Then one day my husband saw an article on the web that changed my life.  And my belly. 
Did you know that in France women receive post natal care that involves strengthening their abdominal muscles? I was in shock. How had I never heard about that? I had a doula for my first child, I had an awesome doctor who delivered both of my kids. Why neither of them (or anybody else for that matter) told me about diastasis recti and that I’m not supposed to do crunches at the gym after you have a child? I believe that if my case was really bad my doctor would have told me, but since it wasn’t a medical issue, just the vain appearance one, I just didn’t hear about it. Even though small, these stretched out muscles do change the appearance of one’s belly. My question is why is it not more prevalent in our society to know that? We are left with a totally different body and what you might think is helping you might actually be hurting your progress. Damn you crunches! I do remember seeing this French mom at my son’s swim lesson and thinking her stomach looked really flat after two kids, and I remember being baffled that she was showing it in a string bikini. I was very pregnant at the time and wore a tent for swim suit, so I might have been a little bit jealous. I am not a prude and I do like to wear small bikinis myself, but only after feeling comfortable again with my body and at the right kind of vacation that involves no kids. Now I know she was exercising her abdominal muscles correctly and she had all the right to be proud of it.
Mom’s bodies need special attention and care. Even if you had strong abdominal muscles before, you will likely have some degree of DR. The only way to close the gap in mild cases is by exercising the right muscles. But first you have to learn how severe your case is. If it is really bad I suggest you seek medical assistance first because apparently some cases require surgery to be repaired.
Pelvic floor and abdominal muscles should not be ignored. Just like your triceps, biceps and quads and any muscle you work at the gym these need attention as well. If you exercise muscles they get toned. The same is true with pelvic and deep abdominal muscles. While we are crossing our legs to sneeze without peeing ourselves our French counterparts are laughing at us with perfectly tight bellies and completely dry. So let’s get to work and tighten these muscles once and for all. 

How to find if you have diastasis recti:

Starting position
Lie on your back with knees bent and heels close to your bottom.  

Place the tip of your fingers on your belly about 3 fingers distance (about 2 inches) above your belly button.  Place your hand on your belly with fingers pointed straight down towards your spine, only tips touching belly (if you look at your hand you'll see the palm side of your fingers facing you).  That way you can count in terms of fingers, how wide your gap is. The DR gap runs up and down your abdominal muscles, but it will be the widest just above the belly button.   (see detail below)

Proper position of the hand
Head and shoulder raise

While holding your hand in that spot lift your head and shoulders off the floor slightly, as if you were starting to do a crunch, but don't go all the way (all you want is to create some tension on the muscle wall so it tenses up and you can find the muscle).  When you raise your upper body you will be able to feel a ridge in between your fingers as you move your hand side to side. That gap you feel between your fingers is DR.

After you find out how severe (or not) your case is, you can start targeting those muscles with the proper exercises to close the gap and improve the appearance of you belly. Anything greater than 3 fingers gap is considered a wide gap, 2 fingers would be considered a moderate.  

Remember, with love and care you CAN and you WILL get your body back, or get it even better than before.  I want to help you in this journey.  It takes time, it takes effort but it is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself.  So let’s get to work!