Sunday, September 30, 2018

6 Things I Learned at the End of the 100 Squats/Day Challenge

I saw this video on social media about a month ago with these 3 brave souls who endured a whole month, 30 days of 100 squats per day.  It was a challenge to see what that could do to their bum and legs.  I thought it was easy enough and invited all of you peaches to join me. Well, many of you did and I am so glad! The challenge came to an end and 70+ clients, campers, friends and family joined me in this crazy month!

We had a Facebook group where we all posted videos of ourselves doing the squats, we had memes, we had encouragement and a ton of motivation!! It was so much fun! I had no idea that I was going to get so into it! I did not miss one day!! I was ON IT!! Even if it as after a crazy hard day, I still did them!! Some of our fellow squat buddies did miss a day here or there, but I was so surprised that most of them did 200 the next day, or some that missed more than one day at the time made a plan to make sure they did all the squats they owed. Even my mom joined the challenge.  My mother in law did not join the challenge per se, but I motivated her to join me for one day at our vacation! And I have the videos to prove it!!

6 Things I learned at the end of the 100 Squats/Day Challenge

1. My legs do look firmer, but my booty did not lift up as much as I wanted it to!! My before and after pictures (I asked everyone to wear the same clothes for before and after pictures) are not what I imagined. Truthfully, I thought I was going to have a bit more lift based on how firm my muscles feel!

2. I was not alone!! The encouragement we all provided each other was so great! I swear, each time someone posted "I did 200 today" motivated me to never miss it.  I didn't use weights until the very last day (why I didn't see a bigger change before and after).

3. We all seemed to have fun doing it! So many people are ready for the next challenge! An abs challenge is in the works and many already signed up. We have a great community that supports each other! I would not have been able to finish it if I didn't have the support of my squatting buddies!!

4. You can take squats literally everywhere!! I did mine in 4 states while on vacation. I even did squats in a train from NYC to Connecticut. I needed some firm ground to stand on and that was it. Some of my friends did them in their office (and got caught doing it) and a few took their squats to exotic places like Hawaii and Bahamas.  I wasn't that fancy, but it goes to show that squats are very portable and quick and easy to do!

5. To really see changes personally I needed to challenge your body more. This time around I didn't want to add weights to the challenge, just to see what would happen. Only one day I did get the weights out and did all 100 squats holding them.  It felt much harder and definitely more of a challenge.  So assess where you are first before you begin, you might have to add weights if you do the challenge.

6. And lastly, I also found out that no matter how many squats you do, if you eat what you want, you will gain weight. I say that because I noticed in my private "before and after" photos that I had gained weight around my midsection. Just being really honest here. Legs looked amazing! My tummy not so much! I was on vacation, had the vacation mentality, and was eating my feelings (and stress) too... All has gone back to a more normal state now, I am less stressed and taking better care of my body by adjusting my nutrition.

No matter what the next challenge is, I know I have an amazing group of friends by my side that will keep me accountable! I dare you to find a tribe (or just join ours) and push each other to finish a fitness challenge. I know you will love it!


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