Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What is the WheresAMommy Community?

WheresAMommy Community is where moms come together to inspire each other to get our bodies back.  Having kids does not mean you can give up on being yourself! Yes you are busy, yes you have responsibilities as a mom, and yes can still take care of yourself! 

I love to see your workout pictures on Instagram.  Follow @wheresamommy on Instagram and hashtag your best workout pictures with #WheresAMommycommunity and #Wheresamommy.  The best pictures will be featured on our Instagram.

You can show us where you exercise... 

You can show how you include your kids in your routine...

You can show us closeups of your workouts...

There are a few rules about what will not make the cut.  This community is not for advertising any network marketing such as Shakeology, and related products.  I get it, I do network marketing as well, but this community is to showcase moms getting fit and having fun doing it.  When  you tag me and use the community hashtags and I see pictures worth sharing I will certainly feature your post and tag you on it!

Most importantly, make sure that you use the hashtags #WheresAMommyCommunity and #WheresAMommy to let us know you are part of the community. 

See you on Instagram!!!


  1. What a cool community to be a part of! I am not a mommy (yet) so sadly I can not join this community but I really love the idea of getting the perfect body back after your pregnancy.