Monday, November 30, 2015

Motivation Monday

It is that time of the year. It is too cold outside and we have the tendency to hide inside and eat hearty foods and indulge in sweet treats.  The exercise level falls to none because we are so busy preparing holiday parties and shopping for gifts.  We start feeling the clothes fit tighter and start thinking "after the holidays I'll go back to the gym."
I wanted motivate you to stay in the game and survive the holiday craziness.  After all, it will be much easier to get back in shape and achieve your New Years Resolution if you keep the momentum and your sanity.  Think how much ahead of the game you'll be compared to all the people that are waiting until the "right time" to go back.

Here's how I stay motivated (and survive the season):

Go to the gym/yoga/cycling/whatever as much as you can

Whenever you have an opportunity to get moving, take it.  If it's nice outside (I live in TX so the weather can be nice outside even in the winter) go for a walk or jog with the family.  Go to your favorite class, be it Yoga, Cycling, Body Pump, Boxing, Pilates, lifting weights or any activity that rocks your boat.  The goal here is to do something.  When you keep the habit of exercising you'll find that on days you cannot go you end up missing being there.  That's the goal. Make your body crave moving and staying active.  It is too easy to give the excuse that it is too "______" (fill the blank) outside and stay in.  In my experience, I never regret going to the gym, but I do think "I should have gone" if I don't go.

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'Tis the Season for good food
Oh the holiday food! So many delicious and decadent foods I can't even name them all.  Don't deprive yourself of all the good food but also don't stuff your face - keep a healthy balanced diet. Listen to your body.  Learn to identify when your stomach is full and obey it. This part is really hard but you'll be thankful you don't have too far to go to be back in shape. To help me increase my will-power over food and control my blood sugar levels I have been adding one Plexus Slim to 20 oz of water when I workout.  I do notice the difference in the ability to resist sweet cravings and plus it betters my energy level.  Moderation is key when it comes to eating all the holiday food.  So nothing is prohibited and we are all happy.  Plus if you exercise you will burn off some of the extra calories you ate.

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* Update: During the holiday season I was able to keep my weight constant and not gain too much. With that said, I was still gained a couple of lbs.  Since the beginning of the year I have continued to add the Plexus products to my routine and notice big difference.  I've started taking their Bio Cleanse in the morning (oh what energy!) and the Probio5 at night (can't even begin to tell you how amazing this product is).  These two products combined with the Plexus Slim have made it possible to drop a few lbs since I last posted this article. 

I did make a conscious effort to stop eating sweets in the afternoon.  The biggest surprise here is that with blood sugar levels stabilized I don't have to go chase something sweet around 2 pm.  I'm loving having this control!  

Try not to stress out

Emphasis on try.  This is a very busy season.  Holidays in my opinion bring out the best and the worst in people.  I've had encounters with other people cutting me off in the parking lot and being flat out rude to other people because they have "places to go" and are in a hurry.  But I also see the ones that give and make life better for other people.  Let's all smile more and be more cordial to people.  You might find that you will feel better in return.  People give what they have, and if your smile is met with a sneer than a sneer is all the other person has to give.  This is a time to be loving and not all stressed out.  Enjoy the season and take care of yourself.

Get Your Body Back Post Pregnancy Workout

I hope you find a way to keep going and meet your goal to #getyourbodyback.  Body and mind work best when they are in harmony. You can survive the holidays!

Best holiday wishes to all!

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