Sunday, September 13, 2015

Post Vacation Plan

We all do it.  We go on vacation and when you get back you fall off the wagon.  Why is it so hard to get back home and continue your work out routine? There are many reasons we feel entitled to miss the gym.  The house needs to be put back in order, the kids need school supplies, you feel tired (sometimes I do need a vacation post vacation), you have too many episodes of your favorite show to watch, you feel fat from eating all the special treats on vacation, so on and so forth... Those are all valid reasons for postponing your workout sesh. But you don't need to stop your progress just because you went on vacation, yes, you are probably less motivated to hit the gym because you don't have the pressure of wearing a bikini in public.  If wearing a bikini is the only reason you were working out to begin with, then you're fine.  But if you are like me, you do this to feel better about yourself and show your kids thru example that working out is not a sacrifice but something you enjoy doing.  Follow these steps to get over the hump.

1. Return to the gym as soon as possible - don't wait for the "perfect" day to get back.  Let me break it to you, there's never a "perfect" time to get back.  You just have to do it.  I went out of town twice this last month and I went back to the gym in between even though it was easy for me to use the excuse that I only have a few days in town.  I didn't go every day, but I made a point to at least be there.  

Vacation work out 
2. Start slow - go to the gym and do little if you don't feel motivated.  My first day back I usually just go thru the motions.  It takes time to get motivated again.  It had been so long that I was out of town from our family vacation that even though I worked out a little the first week we were away I felt like a novice at the gym again.  Did I want to be there? Not that day, but I made sure I at least went a little bit to try to get my groove back. 

Back in the gym - feels good to be back
3. Find a new routine if necessary - with both of my kids being at preschool now I will have 2 days a week that will be time I can do kidless things.  I'll have a block of 5 hours that I can do endless activities without my kids in tow.  That includes doctors appointments, grocery shopping, lunch with friends and many other things that I have been dreaming of.  I know those will be 5 short hours so I will probably not hit the gym during my "free" time for that reason.  Call me crazy but if I am lucky to have a YMCA next to my house that offers child care I want them to watch my kids while I work out. I will find another time during the day when I can drop the kids off and I can go work out.  My point being, in the summer we went to the Y every weekday without fail.  Now that everything is different I had to find another way to keep motivated and still go to the gym.  Find what works for you.  

4. Don't give up, keep finding what works for you - You know what it takes.  If you put in the work you will see the results.  Try different exercises, shake things up.  You never know, you might find a new favorite routine

Getting back in the groove post vacation is not an easy feat. You lose your motivation, you forget why you were going to the gym in the first place, you look at yourself differently.  Don't let all these thoughts sabotage the progress you have made.  Do this for yourself.  No matter how long you've been out of it it is never too late to go back.  

See you at the gym!

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