Friday, July 31, 2015

Is a Waist Trimmer worth it?

Have you ever seen those waist belts people put on to exercise that promise to make you lose fat and shed inches of your waist? Those belts come in many names like waist trimmer, waist band, workout belt and waist trainer.  I have been using one while I work out for years now.  But I don't use it with the purpose to lose fat. That will not happen by simply wearing a waist band, but I will tell you why I wear it.

The belts don't make the fat melt
At one point I did think that wearing a belt around my waist would help melt fat.  You can burn fat cells, but only doctors should do that with lasers and approved devices (or dieting).  My friends at The Skin Care Professionals have good information on innovative treatments like Reaction and CoolSculpting that can get rid of fat without dieting if you are interested.  Back to the belt, after wearing it for a while, I started researching what the benefits of the waist trainer were and I found out it is a myth that you can burn more fat just by wearing the band while working out. You might notice your waist smaller if you take the belt off after a good workout session, but all likelyhood you lost water thru sweat.  That is ok if you drank plenty of water as well.  You would not want to get dehydrated because of it.  If you are on a good path and you are eating a healthy diet and exercising, you can notice progress.  Just keep in mind it is slow and you just have to stick with it.  That is the hardest part, isn't it? 

Why I still wear it
You might think I'm crazy for wearing it if it does not do what it's promised.  But truth is I wear it because I want to train my muscles to stay in place when I am working out.  Now that I am 2 years removed from pregnancy I have moved on to more challenging exercises.  If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen my little motivational video snippets.  In time I will also post here my favorite workout moves that have helped me get my body back after having kids.  So when I do crunches and other core exercises I like to have the waist trainer on to help me remind to keep my abs engaged and pull my belly button towards my spine.  That way, I will not force my muscles out and cause my belly to protude out again.  It is possible  to revert the progress you have made to close the diastasis recti by forcing your abs out during an exercise, so make sure to do them correctly. Basically I use a belly wrap to serve as an external girdle that will keep my internal girdle (my abs) in place.  A word of caution though, don't wear it all day all the time.  It is just to aid you during exercise.  Wearing it for extended periods of time might actually cause more harm than good by weakening the muscles because you are relying on an external form of support and not using your muscles to do it.

My favorite waist trimmer belt

Go for it, but keep a few things in mind
* You are not supposed to wear the waist band 24/7.  It should be worn only during workouts to help you be aware of keeping the proper form.  You want your muscles to do the work too, so they get toned and you look better.  
* Don't expect to burn extra fat as a result of wearing the belt.  Proper nutrition combined with exercise will cause you to lose weight.  Not a belt.
* If you wear a waist trimmer belt be sure to drink plenty of extra water.  You'll sweat a lot more due to the heat created by the belt.
* Ladies have been wrapping themselves for centuries to create an illusion of smaller waist.  You can look your best by wearing one a few hours a day and still have your freedom for the rest of the day.  Isn't that the best of both worlds? 

I hope you get some good results by wearing a waist trimmer belt combined with the proper post pregnancy workouts.  Feel free to share your results with before and after pictures and tag #wheresamommy.

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